"Those demons are just projected parts of yourself, or of the authority figures and significant others in your life," Tom explained. "Throughout our childhood we are forming such images, both positive and negative, and putting them to work for ourselves, often subliminally.  This psychic process is called introjection. Overpowering negative emotions, such as rage, pain, and extreme loneliness get split off and repressed along with the corresponding negative image of the parent.  Unable to express the unconscious negative parts of our own and our parent's image, we turn them into monsters that we project upon the outside world.  Such projections can also take the form of fear of strangers, or turn into prejudice or paranoia.  Alternatively, we may install the introjected image of our parents into our own personality as an idealized superego or severe conscience, shining example or haunting specter." (Towards A Biology of Culture, "Dennis' Story")