Aphorism Corner


The value of the art of ambiguity rises in direct proportion to the exhaustion of main plot lines, visual novelties, and special effects.


Any elitism whose security depends on its being better than something else is by definition neither secure nor elite.


In the best of times, the bravest are more often smart enough and the smartest more often brave enough. In the worst of times, the bravest are less often smart enough and the smartest less often brave enough. And everything in-between.


As we look around at the world's current political, economic and ecological situation, it is clearer than ever that people can be very, very smart, and very, very talented, and still not all that intelligent.


The asylums of the not-so-distant future will be reserved for those "out-of-touch with reality TV."


The mind likes truth. It will work quite hard to make the connections, once the pieces are all on the board.

--Sonchai  Jitpleecheep (aka John Burdett)


Attachment to the unknown is at the foundation of religious pursuits, and even promoted by institutions, states, and governments. Through their promotion of the unknown and the illusion of an answer beyond one's reach, it's easier to create a belief in institutional authority, security or dependability.

--Taryn Simon, photographer, from Wired Magazine, February 2011


Perhaps making the unknown known is the ultimate revolutionary act. 


The most interesting truth is not a secret.


We are only as free as the most insecure person holding the biggest gun.


The real writer first writes for himself.







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Every gift has its burden, every burden its gift.